Product registration

We provide support in registration of food, health supplements, cosmetics and personal care products in KSA and/or UAE by:


    • Company registration: Assisting in gathering the required documents to register with Dubai Municipality


    • Product registration: Assisting in gathering the required documents and placing the information in SFDA and/or eCosma, ZAD and/or Montaji portals
    • Following up on the registration until it is approved


What is Dubai Municipality and why register your product with them?

Dubai Municipality is responsible for providing municipal services to Dubai’s diversified population. From urban planning to environmental protection, and from creating and managing quality standards in all products and services to lab certifications and accreditations, all tasks fall under the ambit of Dubai Municipality.

Starting in early 50s with three employees, the Dubai Municipality has now grown into a large organization employing a staff of 15,000 workers and running 32 organizational units. The body has a huge contribution in the growth of Dubai as the world’s key business, tourism, and employment hub. Dubai Municipality is leading the digital transformation of the city with its e-governance initiatives, migrating 90% of its 512 unique services into eServices.

As Dubai Municipality is responsible for maintaining and ensuring the quality of all products and services sold in the emirate, it’s mandatory for all products/services to be registered with the regulator. Registering your product/service with Dubai Municipality protects your brand, educates you on your import and export rights, and expedites the trading process in UAE and wider GCC.

Some of the documents you will require to register your product/service in Dubai include Free Sale Certificate, Ingredients Report, Analysis Report, Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate, Material Safety Data Sheet, Halal Certificate from a certified Islamic society, or more.

Montaji Portal – what it is and why it matters?

Dubai Municipality launched the Montaji (Arabic for ‘my product’) portal to keep consumers safe from buying fake or counterfeit products and services. The web portal, which also has its own widely-used mobile app, tells the consumers if the products they’re buying are genuine and safe for consumption.

The portal tells users whether or not a product is approved by the Dubai Municipality. This integrated system efficiently records and manages consumer goods in Dubai, and automates the process for improved efficacy and tracking for both consumer and Dubai Municipality staff and management.

Once your product or service is registered with the Dubai Municipality, it’s listed on the Montaji portal that’s accesses thousands of times in a day by consumers, both via the web portal and the mobile app. So, it makes getting your products and services registered with the Dubai Municipality all the more important.

What is SFDA and why get your product registered with them?

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) is Saudi Arabia’s government agency that regulates all food and drugs related products and services in the kingdom. Established under the Council of Ministers Resolution in 2003, is an independent regulatory body that reports to the President of Council of Ministers.

In essence, SFDA regulates and ensures the quality and safety of all food and drugs that are made or imported in the kingdom for human and animal consumption. Besides all biological and chemical substances, regulation of electronic products also fall under the ambit of SFDA. To be able to trade in the Kingdom, companies must get all their food and drug related products and services registered with the SFDA.

SFDA Food is the body’s mandatory conformity assessment program for all food and drug related products and services in the kingdom. It is designed to ensure the safety of products before they’re consumed by the masses, to establish a database of all local and imported products, to develop standards for food and beverages, and to authorize food and drug imports.

Registering with SFDA expedites trade in the kingdom and wider GCC, and improves communication between importers, food and drug establishments, and the regulator. Some of the documents you will need to get your product/service registered with SFDA include Commercial Certificate, Authentication Letter, and Saudi Custom Broker License for Saudi local importers, and Registration Certificate and Industrial Certificate for a foreign establishment.

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