Quality assurance outsourcing

We can assist you in meeting your quality objectives while minimizing liability, time consumption & cost. We provide our services as an outsourced supplier for Quality Assurance wherein company can benefit from our experienced & talented inhouse ex auditors & certification body professionals. The services we provide under as an outsourced supplier are as follows:

  • Periodic inspection of suppliers, warehouse, logistic supplier, distributor, importer or retailers.
  • Inspection of quality of the imported or exported product at the port.
  • Second Party Audit of new supplier, warehouse, logistic supplier, distributor, importer or retailer.
  • Inspection/Audit of the manufacturing facility
  • Inspection of the regulatory compliance of the product from documentation.
  • Inspection during a crisis or consumer complaint
  • Certification management & documentation
  • Support in development & implementation of system & procedure.
  • Periodic trainings
  • Other specific service as per the require of the client

We provide quality assurance services for the following categories/standards:

  • Food Safety, Food Fraud & Threats
  • Halal
  • Certification of Conformity (Specific to the country)
  • Quality Mark (Specific to the country)
  • Organic, Non-GMO and other special certificate & quality requirements
  • Target market regulations

Get in touch with us for all regulatory & quality solutions for your exports to Middle Eastern and North African countries

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