SFDA (Saudi Food and Drug Authority)

Raqam Consultancy’s Services for GSO (GCC Standardization Organization) related standards:

  • Regulatory Affairs Services
  • Label Validation
  • Formula Validation
  • Technical Translation
  • Product Registration
  • Regulatory updates and Alerts
  • Crises Management
  • Problems Solving
  • Assistance with product recall or withdrawal
  • Assistance in consignment release
  • Negotiation & representation with authorities
  • Halal Services
  • Quality Assurance services
  • Technical and scientific research
  • Regulatory Outsourcing

SFDA Introduction

The Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SDFA) is an independent food and drug regulator of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that aims to be a leading global regulator of public health. The scope of SDFA’s work centers on macro-level community protection through regulations and effective controls over the domains of food, drugs, medical services, cosmetics, pesticides, and feed.

Besides regulating, overseeing, and controlling the above mentioned domains, the authority is also responsible for setting and implementing mandatory industry standards for both imported and locally manufactured goods. The authority conducts all of its regulatory and testing activities in its own or designated laboratories.

The SDFA ensures the safety, security, and efficacy of all food and drugs sold in the kingdom for humans and animals. Plus, all biological and chemical substances in cosmetics and pesticides are also observed by the authority. Likewise, the SDFA ensures the safety of medical devices and its impact on public health. The accuracy and safety of medical diagnostic services also fall under the authority’s ambit.

The SDFA is responsible for devising and implementing policies and procedures for effective regulation of food and drugs in the country. It also controls and handles all relevant licensing procedures as well in the country. Through deep studies, the SDFA identifies the country’s health challenges and risks, their causes, as well as their short- and long-term impact on public health.

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