Saudi Food and Drug Authority – Nutritional Facts Labeling Update 2019

April 25, 2019

SFDA has finalized a new Nutrition Facts label for prepackaged foods that will make it easier for the consumers to make informed food choices that support a healthy diet. One of the changes introduced to this new label is the declaration of cholesterol and added sugar. Please be notified that the SFDA will grant manufactures and importers a grace period until 31/12/2019

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Traffic Light Labeling – SFDA – Draft Technical Regulation

April 23, 2019

World Trade Organization (WTO) circulated the notification of Saudi SFDA draft for Traffic Light Labelling. This technical regulation concerned with the procedures for nutritional labeling in the form of traffic light on the labels of packaged food products and applies to all packaged food products with few exemptions.  As per the draft, the approved version will be a Saudi Technical Regulation meaning that its implementation will be mandatory by food manufacturers and importers. Final Date for comments is 04/05/2019.

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Added Sugar Upper Limit -SFDA- Draft

April 21, 2019

This regulation is concerned with setting the maximum limits for added sugar in some food products. It applies to some food products including soft drinks except: Soft drinks with the following terms: (Diet, Elite, Zero). This document is a draft Saudi Standard Circulated for comments. It is, therefore, subject to alteration and modification and may not be referred to as a Saudi Standard until approved by SFDA. Final Date for comments is 08/07/2019.

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